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YPN - Committees

YPN is committed to serving as a base of support for NOVAUL and its initiatives, while providing a means for young adults from diverse educational and professional backgrounds to network, share information, and develop each other. Our elected committee Directors’ help facilitate the movement through various programs and activities.

“Telling YPN's Empowerment Story.”
Join the Communications Committee, and help tell the story of YPN by supporting Web site maintenance, publicity, media relations and other communications with external audiences. For more information, email Communications.

Community Service
"Engaging young professionals in selfless service.”
Join the Community Service Committee to help foster civic involvement opportunities for YPN members. For more information,  email Community Service.

Fund Development
"Who’s in your wallet?”
Join the Fund Development Committee to help YPN conduct innovative fundraising events and establish strategic partnerships with businesses, foundations, individual donors and other organizations. For more information,
email Fund Development.

"Membership matters…without it nothing else does.”
Help YPN grow its membership through the recruitment and retention of area young professionals. The Membership Committee conducts regular orientations on the mission and objectives of YPN, helping to ensure members understand, and are actively engaged in, the Urban League movement. For more information, email Membership.



"Capturing the moments that matter and impact all of our lives.”
The Historian helps capture YPN’s events and programs in photo and film.. For more information, email Historian.


Political Engagement
“Keeping you informed about the issues that matter.”
The Political Engagement Committee conducts YPN’s annual Political Forum and other relevant thought provoking programming throughout the year. Join the Political Engagement Committee, and help enhance the political awareness and education of YPN members. For more information, email Political.

Professional and Personal Development
“Excellence creates opportunities.”
Join the Personal and Professional Development Committee, and help to plan our monthly Professional Speaker Series. For more information, email 
Personal and Professional Development.

“Having a social life is having a better life. Welcome to the good life.”
Join the Social Committee, and help YPN provide an outlet for young professionals to meet, network, socialize and engage with the community. For more information, email Social.


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